4 Little Known Secrets Of Meditation, Energy And Manifestation

Secret #1: The True Purpose of Meditation

When presented with the potential of mystic visions, psychic insight, and enhanced mental performance, many individuals become enthralled. While meditators often claim such benefits, they should not be the main motivation for practicing. The goal of meditation is to reconnect us with ourselves.

As we grow healthier, happier, and more self-aware, the additional advantages of meditation begin to emerge organically, including enhanced mental performance, more intuition, and greater access to unconscious resources and skills.

Secret #2: Distraction Does Not Equal Failure

Meditation is not labor in the sense that you must “push” yourself to focus entirely for extended periods of time. If we strive to avoid thinking consciously, it will have a detrimental influence on our meditation.

Instead, if we feel distracted or confused, we just recognize those ideas and gently restore our focus to the goal of our meditation. We repeat this process as many times as a distraction or idea arises. Eventually, the mind calms down and discursive thinking slows.

Secret #3: Insight Alone Is Not Enough

Our lives will not be transformed by insight alone. Meditation is likely to benefit us by broadening our viewpoints and boosting our clarity of mind. However, even if our sense of inner direction becomes stronger, we will never be able to actualize the changes we actually want in our life until we ACT on that advice.

This does not only imply that we must take action in our external environment, such as having an honest talk with a friend or paying a payment.

It also implies that we must intentionally seek the help of the unconscious in a clear and persistent manner. As I explain in “Secrets of Meditation, Energy, and Manifestation,” when you practice this, you will find yourself magnetically attracted toward your goals with an irresistible drive.

Secret #4: Learn To Let Go

It is critical that you release go after you have made your request.
Don’t be worried about HOW you’ll achieve what you actually want in life. Knowing how can stymie the process of making it evident in the outside world. Learn to believe in your unconscious.

Some modifications, maybe all of them, will occur automatically.
Personally, I discovered that many of my detrimental behaviors just vanished with no conscious effort.

This was accomplished for me by “letting go” and the knowledge that spiritual progress is a natural process propelled by aspects of ourselves that know more than we can grasp consciously.

We learn to trust this sensation as we intentionally let go and accept more feedback from these sections.

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