A Progressive Relaxation Technique

Here’s a simple relaxation method you may employ to immediately relieve bodily tension…

You may be astonished to learn how much stress you carry around in your body on a daily basis. Learning to meditate and relax the body is one of the most useful and enjoyable things you can do. Just softly clench your hands into fists while you sit there now…. Allow yourself a few seconds to experience the strain.

After a few seconds, totally release all tension in your hand.

Take a minute to observe the difference between the states of tension and relaxation.

Do the same thing with your toes and hands. Curl your toes gently and make fists with your hands. Maintain the strain for a few seconds. And then let go, entirely releasing the tension.

Rep, this time tensing your upper and lower legs, as well as your toes and wrists. For a minute, feel the stress. Let go of all those muscles once again, allowing them to totally relax.

This gradual relaxation method is very efficient at immediately releasing accumulated tension in your body. I really walk you through this from head to toe in the guided meditation segment of the audio CD course. Within a few minutes, all of the stress in your body has dissipated, and you’re left feeling fantastic. However, if this method is not for you, there are several guided meditations available to allow you to explore with alternative ways.

That concludes this segment; in the next daily meditation, I’ll show you another excerpt from my new course, Meditation For Health & Happiness.

Until then best wishes,

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