About Us

In peace-filled empowerment and health,

Learning to meditate in 1988 was a significant stride in my personal and spiritual development. It calmed my thoughts and helped me to sleep not just quicker, but also better. I needed a strategy to handle stress as a manager in the fast-paced world of the computer business.

My experience with meditation encouraged me to investigate the mind/body link via hypnosis. One thing led to another, and I graduated from the National Guild of Hypnotists’ certification course in 1999. I’ve been hypnotizing patients for smoking cessation, weight reduction, stress management, self-esteem, relationship fixation, and nervousness/fear since 2001. I use NLP (neuro-linguistic psychology) approaches and/or the Emotional Freedom Technique as needed (EFT).

In 2013, I found that my weight loss hypnosis did well for a time, but the pounds returned. As a result, I now spend a significant amount of time developing a complete weight loss program that includes sessions on food selection, exercise, relationships, job, stress management, and, if desired, hypnosis.

I wish my words on this website are like a text from a good friend telling you how much they appreciate you: it takes a few seconds to read, puts a smile on your face, and reminds you what’s really important in life. Simple, effective, uplifting.