How to Achieve Peace in Life?

Yoga, meditation, hypnosis, and energy balance are all transformative practices to help you achieve a more peaceful and empowered life.

They are roads to personal development, to discovering who we really are, to living our lives to the fullest and embracing it all! These techniques help to further your personal and spiritual development.


Learn to meditate with Primordial Sound Meditation, an ancient Indian mantra method.


Learn the fundamentals of yoga or extend your existing practice with a 10-minute yoga break, as well as 20, 30, and 60-minute Yoga Programs.

Yoga means unity in Sanskrit, which denotes the unification of the physical body, intellect, spirit, and extended body or environment. This website is dedicated to hatha yoga, or the physical yoga poses known as asanas. It may be used as a teaching tool for yoga postures and recommended posture sequences.

Yoga poses are designed to stretch, strengthen, and tone the whole body. Regular practice improves our health and well-being by balancing our body/mind.

What You Should Know Before Practicing Yoga…

Postures or Asanas

  • Wear loose-fitting clothes and practice with bare feet.
  • Practice in a quiet setting, preferably on a cushioned non-skid surface.
  • Warm-up exercises are advised to lubricate the joints and gradually start the body moving.
  • NEVER force a posture.  Find your “edge” of comfortable practice.  This is the point where your body naturally opens, relaxes and becomes stronger and flexible but stops short of strain. 

The Inhalation…

  • Pranayama, or yogic breathing methods, teaches us how to manage the flow of prana (life energy) via the breath. Train yourself to be highly conscious of your breath when you perform yoga postures or asanas.
  • To increase the flow of prana through the body, always breathe in via the nose.
  • Exhale via your mouth or nose.
  • Breathe completely and evenly as you practice, allowing the breath to deepen.

Smart Practice…

  • Yoga is a peaceful and helpful practice for the majority of individuals. It is not suitable for everyone. Consult your doctor if you have just had surgery, are in pain, or are unsure.
  • High blood pressure without medication? Always be gentle and never strain. Avoid positions that place your head lower than your heart, such as the half shoulder stand. Go halfway in stances like the standing angle.
  • Stop! If you are experiencing joint discomfort or other types of pain.
  • Yoga is best done under the supervision of a professional teacher. Visit the Kripalu website at to discover a Kripalu instructor in your region.

Balanced Energy

The EMF Balancing Technique® is a revolutionary energy method that aims to balance our bodies’ electromagnetic fields and thereby improve our health and well-being.

You will have the opportunity to explore your own electromagnetic energy field as well as your own inner sources of energy and knowledge during an EMF Balancing Technique® session. You will remain completely clothed during each session, which will last around 75 minutes and include you laying on a massage table. The energy that travels from the hands of the practitioner into and through your body is what brings about the balance of your field. There will be four different sessions for you to experience the importance of energy balance:

  • Phase I – Wisdom and Emotions.  This session releases stress and set a new pattern of freedom and well-being, energetically balancing the head and the heart
  • Phase II – Self-Direction and Support.  Energy blockages of old emotional issues are released. This promotes new awareness of your personal power
  • Phase III – Radiate Core Energy.  This session allows your inner wisdom to manifest more frequently in daily life. Life flows more easily
  • Phase IV – Energetic Accomplishment.  A connection with your future potential energy is established allowing you to bring this energy into present reality

Peggy Phoenix Dubro, who has an exceptional grasp of the human energy field as threads of light and energy, is the one responsible for the development of the EMF Balancing Technique. Peggy has qualified practitioners that give EMF Balancing Technique sessions to assist individuals in assimilating and making use of the new knowledge of the energy that is currently showing itself in the process of human progress.

Visit to see a directory of EMF practitioners and instructors in different parts of the world.

The EMF Balancing Technique is a trademark owned by The Energy Extension, Inc., which is based in Norwich, Connecticut.


Hypnosis allows us to get access to our subconscious mind, which houses undesired habits, actions, beliefs, and unpleasant emotions. We may remove undesired habits and replace them with new desirable ones because the subconscious acts similarly to a computer.

Hypnosis is characterized by a state of deep relaxation, which is consistent with and inherent to everyday life. It is a condition in which one is more susceptible to being influenced by others. One may be said to be in a state of hypnosis if they are daydreaming, driving their automobile on “autopilot” and then missing their exit, or if they are totally absorbed in anything.

You may “re-program” your subconscious mind, which operates in a manner like that of a computer, with the assistance of a skilled hypnotist by making use of this incredibly powerful tool. During hypnosis, we are able to divert the attention of the conscious mind while simultaneously providing the subconscious mind with fresh directives for constructive transformation.

Hypnosis is both safe and effective when used properly. You are in complete command of the situation, and the hypnotist will not be able to coerce you into doing anything against your will. Because of this, it is essential that you want to be hypnotized and that you desire to receive ideas. You will either come out of the hypnotic state or go to sleep; it is impossible to remain in the hypnotic state indefinitely.

Hypnosis works! It gives you the ability to re-program emotions, actions, and habits that are deeply ingrained and stored in the subconscious. You can address practically any problem. Examples are:

  • Take steps to alleviate tension.
  • Take control of your weight.
  • Quit smoking to improve your athletic performance and boost your drive.
  • Put an end to your anxieties to improve your attitude, self-confidence, and perception of yourself.

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