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Today we will discuss stress, what produces it, and how to cope with it. We’ll teach you how to keep your mind focused even when there appears to be no end to the quantity of work you have to perform.

There is a way to cope with stress. Master this secret, and you will have complete power over your thoughts and life. If you ignore this idea, the chaos of life will dominate you. Consider this…

In the morning, you’re getting ready for work. You have a variety of outstanding issues that you must address.

1) You must prepare your breakfast.
2) You must shine your shoes.
3) You should clean your teeth.

You’re already behind schedule when…

4) You realize you’ve misplaced your keys. You now have another issue to deal with. And just when you thought things couldn’t get much worse…

5) You see that someone else is in the restroom and you are unable to enter to brush your teeth.

6) The phone calls.

7) You understand you must visit the bank.

When we have too many unsolved issues to cope with, we experience stress and overwhelm. You begin to lose confidence and control as each new unanswered issue is put to your plate. The more unsolved issues you have, the more stressed you are.

Unfortunately, we are seldom presented with a single issue to solve all at once. Normally, life asks us to cope with a number of issues at once. That is why our brains have a propensity of leaping from one subject to another.

Guess what, your mind is always attempting to address a variety of unsolved issues. In reality, most of this occurs outside of our conscious awareness. The intellect loses its sharpness with time. The world no longer seems to be as brilliant as it once did. You’re no longer enjoying and having fun in the same manner. This is how we get disconnected from ourselves.

So, what are our options?

The solution is to concentrate on tackling one issue at a time. We only feel anxious when our minds are attempting to address too many unsolved issues.

When you narrow your emphasis to one topic, the scenario becomes less stressful and complex.

When you’re getting ready in the morning, you could decide that the first thing you should do is have breakfast. You will feel more in control if you concentrate on just one unsolved issue at a time.

That is precisely what we are doing when we meditate.

We’re providing the mind a single item to focus on. We can feel the tension lessen as we do this. The swirl of ideas and unsolved concerns in our heads starts to calm. We’re happier and feel more in control.

Would you attend to an important meeting or social event without wearing clean clothing, cleaning your teeth, and taking care of your appearance?

What about the mind, the device that allows us to comprehend reality? Doesn’t it make sense to spend some time cleaning up our mindset and how we feel?

That’s everything for now. In the following session, I’ll walk you through a simple meditation technique that you can perform anytime you want to relax your mind and feel amazing.

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